Get Poetry

Pemmican EatersThe Envoi Poetry Festival may be over, but we still have some Get Poetry buttons available on request. We are exploring some options to provide an opportunity to discuss  books related to the festival presentations, in pairs, as noted below. Stay tuned for times and locations.

Gregory Scofield Louis: The Heretic Poems
Marilyn Dumount The Pemmican Eaters

Katherena Vermette, north end love songs
suburban_legendsMeira Cook: A Walk in the City

John Weier’s Violin Maker’s Lament
Patrick Friesen Flicker & Hawk

Rita Bouvier: nakamonwin’sa for the seasons (2015)
Randy Lundy: Gift of the Hawk

Ted Dyck: Cutthroats and other poems
Lynda Monahan What My Body knowsWhat My Body Knows Cover

nathan dueck: he’ll
Nikki Reimer Downverse

Di Brandt: questions i  asked my mother
Ariel Gordon: hump

Pirette Requier details from the edge of the village
Joan Crate SubUrban Legends

Susan Andrews Grace: Ferrywoman’s History of the World
Susan Musgrave Origami Dove

Garth Martens: Prologue to the Age of Consequences
Victor Enns: Afghanistan Confessions