Nikki Reimer


Nikki Reimer’s poetry has appeared in anthologies from New York to Winnipeg. A writer concerned with emotional ecology, Reimer has published two books —DOWNVERSE and [sic] — chapbooks and essays. She is a contributing editor to Poetry is Dead and a founding director of the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund Society. Visit her website (, or Calgary, where she lives.

follow the plot to the ideal candidate

physical demands:
pine needles, blood in the snow
wolves drag the body

continuous, repetitive arm,
hand, and finger movements

reaching, bending,
carrying the father home

extensive walking and stair climbing
but the boy is already dead in his bed

dust, fumes, gases, odor, animal dander
and changes in the actor’s own life

expose liam neeson’s character’s wife

to occasional lifting, pushing, and pulling
the heart still beating in the cavity

adequate visual acuity is required
a six inch cut

the little girl’s parents hire thugs to terrorize and kidnap
someone who strives to obtain the correct information

the doctor whom they hold responsible for her death
has the ability to influence direction

the sister dies of a cocaine overdose
in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

the parents are devastated
on a part-time, volunteer basis

all positions originate
from the thought that he died fighting for freedom

the brother tries to take down the drug lord

the loyalist makes up
the email address he enters below

a story of a son tragically killed by a bomb
will allow our staff to correspond with him

in a bid for sympathy
concerning his interest in employment

in order to update
the resistance fighters who have him captive

he will need to provide
no children

he also needs to define
the brothers’ loyalty to each other

to broker deals with demons
at a later date or submit the same profile

the woman’s mental illness
will only become active after entering a valid email address

provide monthly statistics
triggered by her baby’s crib death

the siblings are linked via
a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 30 characters

please adhere to the following
in order to gain custody of their baby

when creating a new password
keep the dead baby’s room undisturbed

in order to save humanity from her evil brother
in the email address field, click the password form box

password does not match
the mad-scientist father

the defined login
kills her neighbours

passwords’ length must have
a magical bond

the sister commits
at least one upper case character

an effective office horticulture program

highly organized with excellent

the alternate-reality son into
successful onboarding and timely offboarding of staff

a lightbulb is screwed into his open chest
accordingly, only serious applicants need apply

  • Nikki Reimer from DOWNVERSE, Talonbooks 2014