D.C. Reid

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D.C. Reid, a past president of the League of Canadian Poets, has published six books of poetry, one novel and four non-fiction fly-fishing titles. Two books of poetry, Love and Other Things That Hurt, and The Hunger, were shortlisted, in their separate years, for the Dorothy Livesay Award, BC’s highest prize for a book of poetry. Among his other awards, Reid has taken silver twice in the Bliss Carman Award. His work has been translated into Hindi, Chinese and Spanish. His current book of poems, You Shall Have No Other, is a book of poems, written as a novel, pared down to a play and presented as web-based movies for viewers to download, change any way they want and send back out to the web.  Along with the text file and images on www.sandria.ca, readers can rewrite from their own perspective and send the data stream to Amazon for print-on-demand.  Their own tangible printed-page book which will be sent back to them the next day. The reader is the writer. Every book is unique. Every movie a new possibility. Reid will be showing these poem-movies at the Envoi Poetry Festival.

Perhaps you dreamed of me

Perhaps you dreamed of me
bending to your body
like a troubadour upon his song

Perhaps you slept with me
when I was speechless
with the knowledge of your art

Perhaps you dreamed of me
when the light of saying no
lay heavy on my mind

That high sun that I sweat
That long spear of neglect
That song on the wire
of my instrument

Perhaps you dreamed of me
with the dust in my eyes from
the deserts I have searched

Perhaps you dreamed of me
and the small versed melody
that I made for thee

Perhaps you dreamed of me
heart from my mouth at your dreaming
having never reached you at all

  • D.C. Reid from You Shall Have No Other, Ekstasis Editions 2013
Check out the video reading of this poem: http://sandria.ca/perhaps-dreamed/.