Patrick Friesen


Patrick Friesen, former Winnipegger, now lives in Victoria. He has published numerous books of poetry, a book of essays, a play and, with P. K. Brask, co-translations of several Danish poets. Friesen has also written several stage and radio plays, text for dance, and has recorded two CDs of spoken word and improv music with Marilyn Lerner. His most recent book was A Dark Boat (Anvil Press, 2012). Brick Books will bring out a book of poems by Danish poet Ulrikka Gernes, translated by P. K. Brask and Patrick Friesen, in the fall of 2015. Mother Tongue Publishing will bring out his long poem a short history of crazy bone in the spring of 2015.

Photo: Marieke Friesen


you are alone
and you mean precisely that

half-lit by the lamp
you have nothing

on the wall a poster
of a fadista you once heard

long-legged in her longing
waitress in a three-table café

so far to go from
a nursing mother to death

the world is quiet outside
though you know it’s writhing

you can’t speak
about the word

the fadista sang
of a dark boat

you make do
with the night you have

  • Patrick Friesen from A Dark Boat, Anvil Press 2012