Angeline Schellenberg


Angeline Schellenberg’s first full-length collection, about mothering children on the autism spectrum, is forthcoming with Brick Books in fall 2016. Her first chapbook Roads of Stone launches with The Alfred Gustav Press this spring. Angeline’s poems appear in Prairie FireCV2TNQRhubarbRoomGeezWordgatheringThe Society, and the Beautiful Women and Cradle Song anthologies. She won third prize in the 2014 Banff Centre Bliss Carman Poetry Award Contest and was shortlisted for Arc’s 2015 Poem of the Year. Angeline lives in Winnipeg with her husband, their two teenagers, and a shepherd/corgi.

The imaginative child goes to bed

Catwoman, Queen of Hearts, Medusa – each time I pass your door, there’s a different villain in another cape (Vader’s line of evening gowns) pulled tight around your ribs. Your cheeks blush with Cover Girl charm stolen from my drawers. I moan and beg you into bed, but can’t compete with your reflection as you whirl yourself into a leading lady. Aha, I see what you’re hiding under that pillow: nail file, eyeliner, permanent pen. Can’t sleep, hon? Fine, just one more massage with lavender cream, one more drink of water, one more trip to the bathroom to see if you’ve grown breasts. Midnight. At last, your lair is still, save “Born This Way” blaring from beneath your discarded bears. I ballet-step over your snug-as-a-bun roll, red heels and wig spilling from the ends like ketchup. Chocolate wrappers clog your vent, sweetening the air. Reach for the off-button. Above your dresser, happy faces etched into drywall smile back at me, dreamily, and wink.

  • Angeline Schellenberg from her forthcoming collection, Brick Books 2016