Marie Annharte Baker

Just a Granny doing Indigenous Spiritual Care.  Marie is the current winner of the Blue Metropolis Indigenous Writing prize.  She has published many works including Being on the Moon, Coyote Columbus Cafe, Exercises in Lip Pointing, Indigena Awry and AKA Inendagosekwe.  She is from Little Saskatchewan First Nation.

Walk a Mile in her High Heels


native women version of Oz unusual

comparison so wonderful to be a wizard

opportunity to decode exotic message display

revealed in designated special Elder gathering

granny circles may offer great straight forward

advice or personal insight shared by those present

make sense of collective past plus extravagant promise

self praise as usual granny speaks only of her own past

government designated funding makes worthy women

excellent role models to emulate a shared vision of plenty

words clue in the crowd about every step of arduous path

yet diversion happens in a blink of eye as heads turn toward

one granny who alone shows off red suede stiletto heels

not for the purpose to make her ass stick out far enough

catch attention whenever she wobbles by horny old guys

no these feet adorned sans moccasin shout take a gander

retrieve inside self fond memory shoe shopping spree finds

who doesn’t recall fashion max celebrated like snag pride

history no longer low budget bargain shoe but ritzy style

saved by now bowl of strawberries full circle passes around

encourage each women to chomp on this fruit shaped like her

heart anticipating frequent stretch toward prosperity windfall

however humble high heel could prophecy class upward mobility

no kidding who would think one granny makes swank accessible

  • A new poem from Marie Annharte Baker