Carolyn Marie Souaid

Carolyn Marie Souaid

Carolyn Marie Souaid is the author of six books of poetry. Her work has been shortlisted for a number of literary awards, including the A.M. Klein Poetry Prize and the Pat Lowther Award. She was born and raised in Montreal, where she still makes her home. This World We Invented is her seventh poetry collection.

Watching You Do Tai Chi at Dawn

There’s a burgeoning gap in the sky
as the clouds part above you,
in a distant realm
where sea lice and the latrine stench
of declining civilizations are virtually non-existent.
And like me, you’re here,
but somehow you’re not.

What I admire is not you
or the hulking freighter of what you know;
what’s awesome is your coexistence
with the flea-sized minutiae of the galaxy—
you, graceful as a gull,
the perfectly stilled world
in your gaze.

It could be any day, but it’s Friday.
Tomorrow we return to the city.
And so I study you
as an artist scans the planes and curves
of a partially lit stone.
But there’s no great revelation.

The earth doesn’t shake or rumble
with meaning as a rosy light settles
over the beach.

There’s just one crested wave.
And then another, and another.

  • Carolyn Marie Souaid from This World We Invented, Brick Books 2015