Lauren Carter

Lauren Carter 2

Lauren Carter is the author of Swarm, a novel listed as one of the Top 40 Books that Could Change Canada by CBC Canada Reads, and Lichen Bright, a collection of poetry. She is currently completing manuscripts of short fiction and poetry and is at work on a novel at her home in The Pas. Read her blog at


Apples drop
in the forest, dull

thumps like closed
doors that don’t echo.

Everything falls.

The damp fire
of leaves sinking

into ground, fruit,
once flowers, spread out

in the sun. Black
walnuts in the hollow

of the deep
maple’s cave.

They watch
with worry, without

really watching,
working to bury

roots in the cellar,
string herbs and fruits

from smoke-blackened
rafters. Grey clouds

blanket a seething
orange earth,

and everywhere,
the animals prepare.

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