Dave Margoshes

Saskatoon-area writer Dave Margoshes has published five poetry collections, among numerous other books. The most recent, Dimensions of an Orchard, won the Anne Szumigalski Poetry Prize at the 2010 Saskatchewan Book Awards. Two new books –Wiseman’s Wager, a novel, and God Telling a Joke and Other Stories – were published last year. He’s a former Winnipeg writer-in-residence.

Two months adrift

I was asked to house-sit but when I arrived
the house had burned down, leaving ashes
and only the ghosts of the plants and cats
I was to look after. Still, I took my duties
seriously and moved through the detritus
carefully, polishing furniture, tidying up.
Where the south window had been I opened
the curtains and let in the sun, admired
the bric-a-brac I imagined had lined
the sill: glass elephants and a hula girl made
of toothpicks, her eyes bright as embers, a shell
from the Sargasso Sea. I held it to my ear
but all I heard was the raging of flame. I lived
this way for weeks, waiting for the letter,
the phone call. When winter came I had no choice
I had no choice but to move on. I locked the door,
swept the stoop, left my forwarding address.

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