dee Hobsbawn-Smith


dee Hobsbawn-Smith lives west of Saskatoon with her partner, the poet and writer, Dave Margoshes. She’s a grad of the MFA in Writing at the U of S in Saskatoon and is working on her first novel.  A freelance journalist and retired chef, her poetry, essays and short fiction has appeared in publications in Canada, the USA, Scotland and elsewhere. 

Her debut poetry collection, Wildness Rushing In, was published by Hagios Press in 2014 and is a finalist for two SK Book Awards. What Can’t Be Undone: Stories is hot off the press from Thistledown Press. Her essay collection-in-progress, Bread & Water, earned second place in the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild’s 2014 John V. Hicks Long Manuscript Award. Her fifth book, Foodshed: An Edible Alberta Alphabet, earned third in Les Dames D’Escoffier’s 2014 MFK Fisher Award for Excellence in Culinary Writing. dee has taken up crafting hand-bound chapbooks under her imprint of Dogpatch Press. Check out her websites: and

Pottery in the Cypress Hills

“I’m going to say it now,
are you listening? You can only get there
by water.”
— Elizabeth Philips

Walking these prehistoric hills on tufted grass,
imagine the sea
of ice dragging rubble
across their ribs. The glacier’s retreat
scratched out a belly made small by sky,
clouds absorbing the forgotten
footfalls of metatarsals.
In the wake of the melt,
a brace of broken bones, cracked
femurs weighted down with iron,
molars dug like an ache from the cheek of the hill,
and a layered cap of coal, hiding
the white mud your potter friends crave.
They excavate with wheelbarrows and shovels, sieving
out impurities without washing away the heart.
Clay pulses on the wheel, clay
moves between their fingers,
clay settles into the stillness of a tumbler,
the stain of iron oxide on its lips.
Kneel beside the potter, open
your palms, fill them with mud
as slippery as wet skin, cupping water
that spills from hands to wheel to soil. Close
your fingers on the clay, and feel life
taking shape again.

  • dee Hobsbawn-Smith from Wildness Rushing In, Hagios Press 2014