Lynda Monahan


Lynda Monahan is the author of two previous collections of poetry, A Slow Dance in the Flames and What My Body Knows, both published by Coteau Books. Her newest poetry collection,Verge, has been recently released with Guernica Editions. She facilitates a number of creative writing workshops and has been writer-in-residence at St. Peter’s College facilitated retreat and at Balfour Collegiate in Regina. She has been a mentor in the Sask Writers Guild ArtSmart program and facilitated the teen writing camp for Sage Hill Writing Experience. She is editor of several collections including Second Chances, stories of brain injury survivors and Skating in the Exit Light, a poetry anthology. Lynda has served on the council for the League of Canadian Poets, on the board of Sage Hill Writing Experience and the Saskatchewan Writers Guild. She facilitates a Writing For Your Life group with the Canadian Mental Health Association and is currently writer-in-residence at the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

the ironing

the air is stunned by noon heat
and the slammed door of dad’s leaving
the old ironing board set up
in the crowded kitchen
wicker basket filled to overflowing
mom in pedal pushers
and a sleeveless blouse
her hair small x’s of bobby pins

steam hissing up
as she places a damp tea towel
a flex of her slim wrist
as she slicks the iron back and forth
over the width of dad’s white work shirts
the stiff arch of his collar

fold and press and flip and fold and press
the red transistor radio singing its promises
that’s okay Rose would say
don’t you worry none
we’ll have good times by and by
next fall when the work’s all done

the hush of her soft voice
as she irons creases
sharp as knives into dad’s black dress pants
the way she comforts herself with song

  • Lynda Monahan from Verge, Guernica Editions 2015