Randy Lundy


Randy Lundy is a member of the Barren Lands (Cree) First Nation. Born in northern Manitoba, Randy has lived for most of his life in Saskatchewan, first in the bush and now on the prairie. Coteau Books published his first two books of poetry, Under the Night Sun and Gift of the Hawk, and he has a third manuscript of poetry, A Backyarder’s Guide Toward a Vocabulary of Faith. His poetry has been widely anthologized. Currently, Randy teaches Indigenous literatures and creative writing in the English Department at Campion College, Regina.

Creation Story
(for Isadore Pelletier)

This is how it begins,
not with a word, but
with a single breath.

Something our bodies do, not
involuntarily, but without
the intervention of our wills.

Something our bodies do
to save us
from consciousness and death.

Still it is there—death—in that still

moment between inhalation

and exhalation, in the time between

the separate beatings of our separate hearts, in the infinitesimal time
our minds allow our bodies to be.

But, of course, it is our bodies that allow our minds to be,
for a brief time, and always, it is there
death like a bird that preys

upon another bird

in mid-flight.

  • A new poem from Randy Lundy

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