Rita Bouvier

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Rita Bouvier is an educator and a writer. She has published three collections of poetry with Thistledown Press: Blueberry Clouds (1999), papîyâhtak (2004) and nakamonwin’sa for the seasons (2015), and has been nominated for several Saskatchewan Book Awards. Bouvier’s poetry has been translated into Spanish and German, and her work has appeared in literary anthologies, musicals and television productions.

the Great Silence

tonight, a quarter of silver moon clings
and then floats free
from the ragged spruce and jack pines
to the open sky, and there it shines
blue. dark.

tonight, the only song you will hear is
earth song—
the distant drum of rapid waters
beckoning—promising a wild, wild ride
down the crashing river and beyond.

blessed, you will be witness
to the haunting serenade of the loon’s
bonsoir, bonsoir, mon ami
taking you into the good night.

blessed, you will be witness
to the swish and sway of colourful skirts,
the spirits dancing across the northern sky
a whispering, kawāpimitin.

  • Rita Bouvier from nakamonwin’sa for the seasons, Thistledown Press 2015