Tracy Hamon

Tracy Hamon

Tracy Hamon was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. She holds an MA in English from the University of Regina. Her first book of poetry, This Is Not Eden was released in April 2005 and was a finalist for two Saskatchewan Book Awards. Portions of her latest collection, Interruptions in Glass won the 2005 City of Regina Writing Award, and was also shortlisted for two Saskatchewan Book Awards in 2010. Most recently, she was long-listed for the 2012 CBC Poetry Award.

Standing at the Window

Egon, I arrive at your door as one
who watches, one who knocks
needing to be among the why

of what you do, one who wants
to be alone with the scent of your worry
your paint, and the stale breaded rise

of your desire. Tonight I bang
at your door, a woman crouched
silent in her bathroom after I find

your notebook open on aging thighs
cold cooperation papered in predawn.
I push my nose closer

to the window, my only light a young girl’s
plastic snowman on the end of a pen
orange luminous thoughts with each press

of a word, until we are all young girls
at your window standing outside glassed walls
our faces pressed too hard to see.

  • Tracy Hamon from Red Curls, Thistledown Press 2015