Daniel Zomparelli


Daniel Zomparelli is the Editor-in-Chief of Poetry Is Dead magazine. He is a co-podcaster at Can’t Lit. His first book of poems Davie Street Translations was published by Talonbooks. His collaborative book with Dina Del Bucchia, Rom Com, is forthcoming from Talonbooks, Fall 2015.

Is Your Existential Crisis Over Yet, I Want to Go to the Beach?

I built my career in a coffee shop, you
told me that love wasn’t this difficult.

Text: “Have you given up on your dating-assholes-
because-you-don’t-believe-you’re-good-enough thing?”

We’re sitting in the space between poverty
and privilege. Gentrification called, it never

really knew where it stood in respect to
your designer doughnut shop.

You think you deserve better but better
comes along, and you don’t think you deserve it.

You travel every day to the death
of your mother, by train or by sea,

leave quickly through exits before
the water enters into the ocean,

let clouds and rain judge the way
you walk down the street,

when the guy whispers “faggot” under
his breathe, store that in tupperwear,

call from the one payphone that
still takes your quarters you crafted

I told you that love was this difficult
and coffee shops are not the ocean.

I waved goodbye from a small ship
that never took me anywhere

and you ate all of the doughnuts.

  • A new poem by Daniel Zomparelli