Shayna Stock


Shayna Stock is a bicycle enthusiast and prairie convert who grew up on the shores of Lake Huron. She thinks a lot about gender, privilege, community-based responses to violence, and breakfast. As an avid community organizer, she founded and coordinates Regina’s spoken word series Word Up!, and co-founded the Killjoy Club – a collective of artist-organizers that provides platforms for creative feminist expression and community-building. Shayna has been performing her poetry on local and national stages since 2011. In 2014, she participated in the Banff Centre for the Arts’ Spoken Word Program. She has facilitated workshops in spoken word and creative writing for numerous organizations including the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, Big Sisters, the Regina District School Board, and Rainbow Youth Centre. Shayna’s love for the spoken word might be genetic, as she comes from a long line of evangelists. Look for her on a street corner near you, where she has been seen preaching feminism and consent to anyone who will listen.

arriving and leaving and arriving

this palindrome poem
whispers lessons in coming home

thick with remembering
dewy with déjà vu
j’étais ici
je suis là

dancing forward through foreshadowed past
leaving and arriving
arriving and leaving
like breath
like children in summer

the future
written backwards now

backwards-written future

the inexhaustible summer in children
like breath
like leaving and arriving
arriving and leaving
past foreshadowed through forward dancing

là suis-je
ici j’étais
vu déjà with dewy remembering
with thick home-coming

in lessons, whispers

  • Shayna Stock from Come Out, self-published chapbook 2010

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